Module Biocaml.Bar

module Bar: Biocaml_bar

type t 
Type of a BAR file, which can be thought of as a header plus set of sections.
exception Bad of string

type section = private {
   sec_num : int; (*order in which section appears in file, first section is numbered 1*)
   sec_name : string; (*chromosome name relative to which coordinates are given*)
   sec_data : (int * float) list; (*pairs of coordinate-score data*)
val of_file : string -> t
Parse file. Raise Bad if there are parse errors.
val to_list : t -> (string * int * float) list
Return the data as a list of triplets (chr,pos,v) representing the chromosome name, probe position, and value. Will be returned in ascending order by (chr,pos).
val section : t -> string -> section
section t name returns the section named name. Raise Failure if no such section.
val sectioni : t -> int -> section
sectioni t i returns the i'th section. Raise Failure if no such section.
val sections : t -> section list
Return all sections in t.

Header Information

val data_type : t -> string
Return the type of data, either "signal" or "p-value".
val scale : t -> string
Return scale data is reported in, e.g. linear, log2.
val genomic_map : t -> string
File path of bpmap file used to generate scores.
val alg_name : t -> string
Name of algorithm used to generate scores.
val alg_version : t -> string
Version number of algorithm used.
val coord_convention : t -> string
Probe coordinate convention used.