Module Biocaml_internal_pervasives (.ml)

Internal "standard" library. This module is not part of the Biocaml API and subject to change at any time. Biocaml uses Core, and for the most part, this module simply includes Core modules, sometimes with a few functions added. A few modules are completely new.

module Biocaml_internal_pervasives: 

module Stream: module type of CFStream_stream
include Core.Common
val (|?) : 'a option -> 'a -> 'a

module List: module type of Core.Std.List

module Arg: module type of Core.Std.Arg

module Array: 
include Core.Std.Array
val range : 'a t -> int Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Stream.t
range xs is the stream of all valid indices in xs
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Array.Infix

module Backtrace: module type of Core.Std.Backtrace

module Bag: module type of Core.Std.Bag

module Big_int: module type of Core.Std.Big_int

module Bigbuffer: module type of Core.Std.Bigbuffer

module Bigstring: module type of Core.Std.Bigstring

module Bigsubstring: module type of Core.Std.Bigsubstring

module Bin_prot: module type of Core.Std.Bin_prot

module Binary_packing: module type of Core.Std.Binary_packing

module Bool: module type of Core.Std.Bool

module Buffer: module type of Core.Std.Caml.Buffer

module Caml: module type of Core.Std.Caml

module Char: module type of Core.Std.Char

module Command: module type of Core.Std.Command

module Dequeue: module type of Core.Std.Dequeue

module Exn: module type of Core.Std.Exn

module Filename: 
include Core.Std.Filename

module Infix: 
val (/) : string -> string -> string
p1/p2 is equivalent to concat p1 p2.

module Float: module type of Core.Std.Float

module Fn: module type of Core.Std.Fn

module Hashtbl: module type of Core.Std.Hashtbl

module Int: module type of Core.Std.Int
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Int.Infix

module In_channel: module type of Core.Std.In_channel

module Int32: module type of Core.Std.Int32

module Int63: module type of Core.Std.Int63

module Int64: module type of Core.Std.Int64

module Interfaces: module type of Core.Std.Interfaces
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Interfaces

module Interval: module type of Core.Std.Interval

module Lazy: module type of Core.Std.Lazy
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.List.Infix

module Map: module type of Core.Std.Map

module Monad: module type of Core.Std.Monad

module Nat: module type of Core.Std.Nat

module Nativeint: module type of Core.Std.Nativeint

module Num: module type of Core.Std.Num

module Option: module type of Core.Std.Option

module Out_channel: module type of Core.Std.Out_channel

module Printexc: module type of Core.Std.Printexc

module Printf: module type of Core.Std.Printf
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Printf

module Queue: module type of Core.Std.Queue

module Random: module type of Core.Std.Random

module Ratio: module type of Core.Std.Ratio

module Result: 
include Core.Std.Result
val while_ok : 'a list -> f:(int -> 'a -> ('b, 'e) t) -> ('b list, 'e) t
Map the function f on the list until the first error is met.
val output_result : 'a -> [> `output of 'a ]
val output_ok : 'a -> [> `output of ('a, 'b) t ]
val output_error : 'a -> [> `output of ('b, 'a) t ]
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Result.Export

module Set: module type of Core.Std.Set
include Sexplib.Conv

module Stack: module type of Core.Std.Stack

module String: module type of Core.Std.String
include Biocaml_internal_pervasives.String.Infix

module Sys: module type of Core.Std.Sys

module Time: module type of Core.Std.Time
val try_finally_exn : fend:('a -> unit) -> ('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b
try_finally_exn fend f a will run x = f a, then run fend a, and finally return x. If f a raised an exception that exception will be returned even if f x raises an exception too. If f a successfully produces x, then it is possible to get instead an exception raised by fend a.
val open_out_safe : string -> Pervasives.out_channel
Like open_out but will not overwrite existing file.

Operations on URL-style encodings.

module Url: 
val escape : string -> string
Convert non-alphanumeric characters to their "%HX" URL-escaping format.
val unescape : string ->
error:(string -> 'error) ->
(string, 'error) Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Result.t
Convert a string containing "%HX" escaped characters to a normal string. In case of error, the string is passed to the ~error parameter and the function returns its result.

Utility functions to write manual parsers.

module Parse: 
val escapable_string : string -> stop_before:char list -> string * char option * string
Parse a string potentially escaped with OCaml string conventions, or stop at stop_before character if it is not escaped. Examples:
      (* Does not stop: *)
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "sdf\tsd\000 sdf fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000 sdf fdsaf"None"")
      (* Reads an escaped string; *)
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "\"sdf\\tsd\\000\" sdf fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000"None" sdf fdsa")
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "\"sdf\\tsd\\000\" s=df @fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000"None" s=df @fdsa")
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "\"sdf\\tsd\\000\"@ s=df @fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000"Some '@'" s=df @fdsa")
      (* Stops at '=' or '@' *)
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "sdf\tsd\000 s=df @fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000 s"Some '='"df @fdsa")
      escapable_string ~stop_before:['=''@']  "sdf\tsd\000 sdf @fdsaf";;
      = ("sdf\tsd\000 sdf "Some '@'"fdsa")


module Order: 
val compose : ('a -> 'b -> int option) -> ('a -> 'b -> int option) -> 'a -> 'b -> int
val reverse : ('a -> 'b -> int) -> 'a -> 'b -> int
val reversep : ('a -> 'b -> int Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Option.t) ->
'a -> 'b -> int Biocaml_internal_pervasives.Option.t
val totalify : ('a -> 'b -> 'c option) -> 'a -> 'b -> 'c

module Debug: 
val enable : string -> unit
val disable : string -> unit
val make : string -> ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a