Module Biocaml_genomeMap.Make.Selection (.ml)

A collection of non-overlapping regions (e.g. a set of CpG islands)

module Selection: 
type t 
val inter : t ->
t -> t
val union : t ->
t -> t
val diff : t ->
t -> t
val size : t -> int
val intersects : t -> Biocaml_genomeMap.Make.location -> bool
intersects loc sel returns true if loc has a non-empty intersection with sel, and false otherwise.
val overlap : t -> Biocaml_genomeMap.Make.location -> int
val to_stream : t ->
Biocaml_genomeMap.Make.location Stream.t
val of_stream : Biocaml_genomeMap.Make.location Stream.t ->
of_stream e computes a selection (i.e. a set of non overlapping locations) as the union of the locations contained in e