Module Biocaml_mzData (.ml)

Read mzData files (mass spectrometry data format).

module Biocaml_mzData: 
type vec = (float, Bigarray.float64_elt, Bigarray.fortran_layout) Bigarray.Array1.t 
Vectors of 64 bits floats.
type int_vec = (int, Bigarray.int_elt, Bigarray.fortran_layout) Bigarray.Array1.t 
Vectors of OCaml ints.

module Precursor: 
type t = {
   mslevel : int; (*1: MS, 2: MS/MS,...*)
   mz : float; (*MassToChargeRatio*)
   z : float; (*ChargeState*)
   int : float; (*Intensity*)
val mass : t -> float
mass p return the mass of the precursor p without charge.
type spectrum = {
   id : int; (*index of the spectrum in the file (starting with 1).*)
   mslevel : int; (*1: MS, 2: MS/MS,...*)
   precursor : Precursor.t list; (*List of precursors to the spectrum currently being described.*)
   mz : vec; (*m/z*)
   int : vec; (*intensities*)
   sup : (string * vec) list; (*Supplemental (name, arrays), if any*)
Individual mass spectrum.
val of_file : string -> spectrum list
of_file fname returns the spectra contained in the file fname.