Module Biocaml_genomeMap.Selection

module Selection: sig .. end
Indicator function on a genome

type 'a t 
val inter : 'a t ->
'a t -> 'a t
val diff : 'a t ->
'a t -> 'a t
val size : 'a t -> int
val intersects : 'a Biocaml_genomeMap.location -> 'a t -> bool
intersects loc sel returns true if loc has a non-empty intersection with sel, and false otherwise.
val intersection_size : 'a Biocaml_genomeMap.location -> 'a t -> int
val enum : 'a t ->
'a Biocaml_genomeMap.location Batteries.Enum.t
val of_enum : 'a Biocaml_genomeMap.location Batteries.Enum.t ->
'a t
of_enum e computes a selection as the union of the locations contained in e