Module Biocaml_track (.ml)

module Biocaml_track: sig .. end
Track files in UCSC Genome Browser format. The following documentation assumes knowledge of concepts explained on the UCSC Genome Browser's website. Basically, a track file is one of several types of data (WIG, GFF, etc.), possibly preceded by comments, browser lines, and a track line. This module allows only a single data track within a file, although the UCSC specifies that multiple tracks may be provided together.

Track lines define display attributes. They can be thought of as lists of attribute-value pairs. For forward compatibility, this module allows arbitrary attributes to be set. However, the following lists known attributes and specifies restrictions on their values:
type t = [ `browser of
[ `hide of [ `all ]
| `position of string * int * int
| `unknown of string ]
| `comment of string
| `track of (string * string) list ]
The type of the parser "track" lines.
type 'a content = [ `content of 'a ] 
The "content" lines of the files.
type parse_error = [ `incomplete_input of Biocaml_pos.t * string list * string option
| `wrong_browser_position of Biocaml_pos.t * string
| `wrong_key_value_format of (string * string) list * string * string ]
The possible parsing errors.
module Transform: sig .. end
Low-level transforms.