Module Biocaml_wig.Transform (.ml)

module Transform: sig .. end

val string_to_t : ?filename:string ->
?tags:Biocaml_wig.tag list ->
unit ->
(string, (Biocaml_wig.t, Biocaml_wig.parse_error) Core.Result.t)
Create the parsing Biocaml_transform.t. The parser is "best-effort" and stateless (i.e. a line containing "1000 42." will parsed succesfully as a `variable_step_value (1000, 42.) even if no "variableStep" was line present before).
val t_to_string : ?tags:Biocaml_wig.tag list ->
unit -> (Biocaml_wig.t, string) Biocaml_transform.t
Create the transform that prints t values to strings.
val t_to_bed_graph : unit ->
[ `not_in_fixed_step_state | `not_in_variable_step_state ])
Create a transform which converts `variable_step_value _ and `fixed_step_value _ values to `bed_graph_value _ values, using the current state. The `bed_graph_value _ and `comment _ values stay untouched.