Module Biocaml_rSet (.ml)

Efficient integer sets when many elements expected to be large contiguous sequences of integers.

module Biocaml_rSet: 
type t 
Type of a set of integers.
type range = Biocaml_range.t 
val empty : t
The empty set.
val of_range_list : (int * int) list -> t
Construct the set of integers representing the union of integers in all given ranges.
val to_range_list : t -> (int * int) list
Return set of integers as a minimal list of non-overlapping ranges in ascending order by their coordinates.
val to_list : t -> int list
Return set of integers as a list. Elements will be in ascending order.
val size : t -> int
Number of elements in set.
val is_empty : t -> bool
Return true if given set is empty.
val inter : t -> t -> t
Set intersection.
val union : t -> t -> t
Set union.
val diff : t -> t -> t
Set difference. diff s t is the set of elements that are in s but not in t.
val subset : t -> t -> bool
subset s t returns true if s is a subset of t.