Module Biocaml_comments

module Biocaml_comments: sig .. end
Comment lines. Comment lines contain either just whitespace or have a user-specified start character.

type t 
Sequence of comment lines.
exception Invalid of string
val enum : t -> char * string Batteries.Enum.t
Return start character and enumeration of comment lines in given t. The start character is included in each string, but line terminating character(s) are not.
val empty : char -> t
empty c is the empty list of comment lines, but with the specification that c will be used as the start character.
val concat : t -> t -> t
concat a b concatenates comment lines a and b such that a is followed by b.
Raises Invalid if a and b do not have the same start character.
val of_string : ?comment_char:char -> string -> t
of_string c s creates list of lines by splitting given string on newline characters. Each resulting line must begin with comment_char (default is '#') or consist of only whitespace.
Raises Invalid if any line's first character is not comment_char or is not all whitespace.
val to_string : t -> string
Return string representation of comment lines. All but last line will include line terminating character(s).
val comment_char : t -> char
Return the start character for the given comments.
val is_comments : ?comment_char:char -> string -> bool
Like of_string but simply returns true if given string can be parsed as valid comment lines.
val filter_comments_prefix : char ->
string Batteries.Enum.t -> t * string Batteries.Enum.t
filter_comments_prefix c e removes the first lines of e that are comments and builds a Comment.t with it, which is returned along with the rest of the enum e