Module Biocaml_pos

module Biocaml_pos: sig .. end
File positions.

type t = private {
   file : string option; (*file name*)
   line : int option; (*line number*)
   col : int option; (*column number, can be defined only if line number is too*)
exception Bad of string
exception Undefined
Raised when asking for undefined position information.
val f : string -> t
val l : int -> t
val fl : string -> int -> t
val lc : int -> int -> t
val flc : string -> int -> int -> t
Methods for creating a position. f stands for file name, l for line number, and c for column number. The arguments required correspond to the function name. There is no fc nor c function because a line number is required when a column number is given.
val unknown : t
Represents an unknown position. Use sparingly.
val file_exn : t -> string
val line_exn : t -> int
val col_exn : t -> int
Return the file name, line number, or column number. Raise Biocaml_pos.Undefined if given position does not have requested information.
val set_file : t -> string -> t
val set_line : t -> int -> t
val set_col : t -> int -> t
Set the file name, line number, or column number. Raise Bad if resulting t would be ill-formed.
val incrl : t -> int -> t
incrl pos k increments the line number of pos by k.
val to_string : t -> string
String representation of a position. Intended for human legibility, no particular format guaranteed.