Module Biocaml_romanNum

module Biocaml_romanNum: sig .. end
Roman numerals. Implementation employs Nathan Mishra Linger's Roman module, but an improved interface is provided here. Also, zero is deliberately not supported.

type t 
Type of a roman numeral.
exception Bad of string
Raised when unable to produce a well-formed roman numeral.
val of_string : string -> t option
Parse string as a roman numeral if possible.
val of_string_exn : string -> t
Like of_string but raise Bad if unable to parse string.
val of_int : int -> t option
Convert integer to roman numeral if possible.
val of_int_exn : int -> t
Like of_int but raise Bad if unable to convert integer.
val to_string : t -> string
String representation of a roman numeral. Returned string can be successfully parsed back with of_string.
val to_int : t -> int
Convert roman numeral to integer.