Module Biocaml_tags

module Biocaml_tags: sig .. end
Classification of data formats. A data format is specified by a list of tags, each of which has an attribute name and a value of some type. Currently supported tags are:

The format for a list of tags is:
    x1 = y1, x2 = y2, x3 = y3, ...

where extra spaces around the equal and comma symbols are disregarded.

Not all combinations of tags are valid. In particular, some tags are 'principal' tags and none can be used with the others. The principal tags are: table, bed.

header_=true is allowed only if header=true.

bed=true disallows: header, header_, comment-char, and separator.

exception Invalid of string
Raised when an invalid tag or incompatible list of tags is encounted.
type t 
Collection of tags, which classify a data format.
val of_string : string -> t
Parse given string as list of tags. Raise Invalid if any tags invalid, or if list of tags are incompatible.
val mem : string -> t -> bool
mem x t returns true if t contains a value for tag x.
val find : string -> t -> string
find x t returns the value of tag x in t. Raise Not_found if t does not contain value for x.
val tag_is : string -> string -> t -> bool
tag_is x y t returns true if x=y in t, or false if tag x assigned some other value or not found in t.