Module Biocaml_track

module Biocaml_track: sig .. end
Track files in UCSC Genome Browser format. The following documentation assumes knowledge of concepts explained on the UCSC Genome Browser's website. Basically, a track file is one of several types of data (WIG, GFF, etc.), possibly preceded by comments, browser lines, and a track line. This module allows only a single data track within a file, although the UCSC specifies that multiple tracks may be provided together.

module TrackLine: sig .. end
Track lines define display attributes.
module BrowserLines: sig .. end
Browser lines configure the overall display of the Genome Browser when your file is uploaded.

type block =
| B of BrowserLines.t (*sequence of browser lines*)
| T of TrackLine.t (*a track line*)
| C of Biocaml_comments.t (*one or more comment lines or blank lines*)
| Wig of Biocaml_wig.t (*WIG data section*)
A block of information.

WIG data section
type t 
Type of a track file. Can be thought of as a list of blocks with certain restrictions on the order in which blocks occur.
exception Bad of string
val to_channel : ?wig_fmt:Biocaml_wig.format ->
t -> Pervasives.out_channel -> unit
val to_file : ?wig_fmt:Biocaml_wig.format -> t -> string -> unit
val to_list : t -> block list
val of_list : block list -> t