Module Biocaml_track.BrowserLines

module BrowserLines: sig .. end
Browser lines configure the overall display of the Genome Browser when your file is uploaded.

type t 
Type of a sequence of browser lines.
exception Bad of string
val position : string -> int -> int -> t
position chr start end returns the browser line "chr:start-end". Raise Bad if start not less than end.
val hide : string -> t
val dense : string -> t
val pack : string -> t
val squish : string -> t
val full : string -> t
hide, dense, pack, squish, and full each take a string that should either be "all" or a space separated list of track names.
val concat : t ->
t -> t
concat t1 t2 returns a type representing the lines t1 followed by t2. Raise Bad if concatentation would lead to ill-formed browser lines.
val of_string : string -> t
Creates a list of lines by splitting given string on newline characters. Raise Bad if result is ill-formed.
val to_string : t -> string
Return string representation of browser lines. All but last line will be followed by newline.