Module Biocaml_track.TrackLine

module TrackLine: sig .. end
Track lines define display attributes. They can be thought of as lists of attribute-value pairs. For forward compatibility, this module allows arbitrary attributes to be set. However, the following lists known attributes and specifies restrictions on their values:

type t 
Type of a track line.
exception Bad of string
val of_string : string -> t
Parse string to track line. Must be in format as defined by UCSC.
val to_string : t -> string
Return string representing track line in required format.
val empty : t
Empty track line.
val set : t -> string -> string -> t
set t a x sets attribute a to value x in t. Value always given as string since set is a general function for setting any attribute. Unrecognized attributes are added without error checking, but Bad is raised if known attribute's value does not meet requirements specified above. Any previous value of a is overwritten.
val unset : t -> string -> t
unset t a deletes attribute a from t. Does nothing if attribute not in t.
val find : t -> string -> string
find t a returns the value of attribute a, or raises Not_found if no such attribute.
val mem : t -> string -> string -> bool
mem t a x returns true if a is assigned value x in t.
val to_list : t -> (string * string) list
Return list of attribute=value pairs.
val of_list : (string * string) list -> t
of_list l sets a to x for every (a,x) pair in l. Raise Bad if any invalid values given. If attribute a given more than once, last will apply.
val valid_wig : t -> bool
Returns true if t is a valid wiggle track line.